Trudeau and the Islamic Invasion of Canada

The Islamic Invasion of Canada is in full motion and on full display.

Captured in a video, Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, participates in a prayer ceremony prior to giving a speech (LINK).

Do not fool yourself, this act, like Obama bowing to Islamic leaders, carries far more significance than just Trudeau trying to gain votes from the Muslim populace.

Trudeau was elected (and pledged an oath of duty) to serve and protect the nation of Canada, not the nation of Islam. He has abandoned that duty and invalidated that oath.

Review the caption attached to the photo. The truth is, Trudeau, as a NWO puppet from the Sinclair family, has been flirting with Islam for years. (LINK)

Now, consider the actions of Obama. Soon after his election, Obama bows to Islamic leaders and throughout his presidency, Obama fills the federal government with (non-elected) advisors with allegiance to Islam. Sharia law slowly begins to take root across the continent.

As mentioned above, as early as 2012 (probably earlier), Trudeau is known to be flirting with Islam.

Currently, European nations are being over-run with Islamic immigrants because of a middle east “crisis” that has been created by NWO globalists.

Sweden, Germany and Denmark are a mess and the social and political fabric of those nations is being torn apart.

In France, presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, exposes that NATO exists to serve Washington (United States) and says she will, if elected, lead France out of the EU and NATO (LINK). Her assistants have been investigated and harassed and Le Pen is continuously labelled “dangerous” and “far-right” by the NWO propaganda press.

In late February, the candidate refused to wear a hijab when meeting the grand mufti of Lebanon. When pressed further to submit and cover herself before the meeting could take place — she again refused, then jumped in her car and left. (LINK). Her behavior is quite a contrast to the submissive, conquered behavior of Obama and Trudeau, yes?

Then, just days later, as predictable as the sunrise, the European Parliament attacked Le Pen and stripped her of parliamentary immunity — for what? — posting graphic images of victims of the ISIL group (LINK).

Jumping back to Canada, NWO liberals in Ontario, just a few days ago approved — you guessed it — “anti-islamophobia” legislation (LINK).

These events do not just occur, folks, these events are being orchestrated. The reality is, this is one geopolitical entity entering territory controlled by another — in other words — an invasion.

The destruction of sovereign nations is a necessary objective of the NWO. It is being orchestrated by NWO political stooges that allow the nations they are supposed to protect to be invaded by another nation (Islam).