Response To David Wilcock

Dear Mr. Wilcock:

I think your analysis was a little rushed if not, perhaps, a little sloppy.

First, you comment that “the US currency we were directed to is very clearly and obviously a complete fraud. . .”

To clarify, it is not US currency. There is a difference between US, that is, United States and United States of America and The United States of America.

The United States of America
United States of America
United States

That is three different legal entities. And, although the posted representation of the currency is of lower quality, the words “The United States of America” along the top of the currency can be clearly discerned. Also note the currency symbol is a (+) for the Continental, whereas the private religious script (FRN) that is unrecognized by any constitution (therefore creating a black market society) uses the ($) symbol.

Additionally, on that page a banner above the currency image clearly states “The legal tender of the Government of The United States of America”. Again, for clarification, it doesn’t read legal tender of “United States”.

As to your comment that the site. . .”is an example of taking an additional word and adding it on to the front of another credible URL, in this case for the USPS.”

Please review the url — the url is actually

It is not usps (United States Postal Service) as you state.

I point these quick details out to you so that you may begin to understand that the Government of The United States of America exists and the currency authorized by the Government of The United States of America is the Continental Dollar.

As you know, the deceit perpetrated by the PTB runs deep — very deep. But it is not all about private religious script (Federal Reserve Notes), suppressed technology and hidden wisdom. The fraud also includes chain of title relative to the country, its founding, and its government. As you work to find data points to uncover truths in your subject area, we have worked diligently to uncover truths in our subject area.

I realize there is much to absorb. But labeling our efforts a hoax is simply not accurate. Here are some links to help demonstrate there is legitimacy to what is being communicated.

The Government of The United States has recognized stamps: and

The political status of American Nationals, from the perspective of United States of America is a “non-citizen, non-resident alien”.

Even more can be read here:

Feel free to email me if you seek further clarifications (


  1. i am mark November 29, 2016 at 9:06 pm

    It is time for the confusion caused by deception of the US, perpetrated by the Company and its Constitution, to be explained and I find it incredible that someone known for exposing secrets could treat this subject matter so flippantly.

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