More Proof the Bar Has No Jurisdiction

During April of 2015, office-holders within the Government of The United States of America, obtained documented evidence from the Illinois judiciary that a documented American National is considered a “non-citizen, non-resident alien” to the United States of America (LINK)

Now we have obtained further evidence of a lack of jurisdiction, this time from the Minnesota judiciary.

Upon review of the documents, make note of the section “Party Information” towards the top.¬† On the Register of Actions provided to the public, note the Defendant’s address and how the jurisdiction references State of Minnesota.

Below is the “public” Register of Actions (click to enlarge).


But on the internal Register of Actions, the report used internally by the Minnesota judiciary, the reference to jurisdiction includes the word “None” as acknowledgment that the State of Minnesota lacks jurisdiction.

Below is the internal or “private” Register of Actions (click to enlarge).


Why, if courts, judges and lawyers are on the up-and-up, would the Minnesota judiciary possess a “public” Register of Actions and simultaneously, an internal Register of Actions, each with different information?

This is, of course, evidence that the Minnesota judiciary knows it lacks jurisdiction yet it continues to prosecute the case. And you can bet your last beer that this is not an isolated incident. How many people have been fined or jailed when the Minnesota judiciary knew from the start that it lacked jurisdiction?

No wonder everyone hates lawyers.