It Is Time To Introduce Alternative Technologies

I just read an article that references a report from the health industry released during mid-November that discusses the dangerous consequences of fracking (REPORT LINK).

It seems to me, in addition to this latest report, that the environmental destructiveness of fracking has been well documented. We know fracking can lead to water contamination. Methane leakage into water wells is well documented. Why is this allowed to occur? Who are these people that claim to be in charge, that claim to want the best for their constituents or customers, yet allow mass poisoning for profit? Is there a more twisted or sinister outlook? If there is, it is difficult to imagine. As such, this office would support legislation that severely limits or bans fracking within the metes and bounds of the United States of America.

There are in existence alternative technologies. These technologies, known to past civilizations, are far less expensive and less damaging to the environment. Indeed, many of these technologies are harmonious and provide benefit to Mother Earth as well as all her inhabitants. Sadly, for the profit of a few and to the detriment of the many, these technologies have been intentionally withheld from the human family for decades. I think it is time these alternative technologies are released.

It is time for the corporations to start turning a profit by improving the environment — by substantially improving the human condition. I also think its time for the Vatican and Smithsonian, as examples, to open their libraries and share the accumulated wisdom and teachings of the ancients. This knowledge and these technologies do not belong to just the Catholics or just the corporations and foundations that currently lock the information in their vaults. This knowledge belongs to the entire human family, those with us today and those that will join us tomorrow.