International Notice to Vatican City

On December 4, 2016, the Government of The United States of America, via the office of the Secretary of State, issued an International Notice to Vatican City.

The content of said Notice is to inform Vatican City that arbitrary claims and false statements put forth by a certain subject of Vatican City, is an international violation.

“It is as simple as meddling in International affairs without a letter of appointment or official title. The subject is violating International law and the Law of Nations in the name of Vatican City. The Government of The United States of America would appreciate no interference from Vatican City in exercising its rights in International law and the Law of Nations.”

This is supported by:

Nations being free and independent of each other, in the same manner as men are naturally free and independent, the second general law of their society is, that each nation should be left in the peaceable enjoyment of that liberty which she inherits from nature. The natural society of nations cannot subsist, unless the natural rights of each be duly respected. (The Law of Nations, Preliminaries, p. 71)


Every State has the right to choose, without external interference, its political, economic, and social system and to organize itself in the way best suited to it, and has the duty to abstain from intervening in the affairs of another State. (Charter of the Organization of American States, Article 3(e))


The liberty of that nation would not remain entire, if the others were to arrogate to themselves the right of inspecting and regulating her actions,— an assumption on their part, that would be contrary to the law of nature, which declares every nation free and independent of all the others. (The Law of Nations, Preliminaries, p. 71)

The complete International Notice can be read HERE