Hall of Shame: OAS

In early June, hoping to be accepted as a member of the Organization of American States (OAS), the assembly accepted a motion to ratify the OAS charter and under Chapter III, Article 5, of the Charter, application was made for membership.

Over the next few days, members of the committee for the Government for The United States of America attempted to follow-up on the membership application and were met with resistance in the form of human rights violations. This behavior is troubling as OAS is supposedly dedicated to promoting human rights.

An Agent was assigned from the Human Rights Defenders and, working with the committee, an investigation commenced. What was uncovered is alarming and includes but is not limited to the following:

  • It is beyond dispute that the entity “The United States of America”, a country created in 1781 and known as the original Confederacy of 13 independent states of the original Union, is still in existence today.
  • The General Postal Union Treaty of 1874, signed for by “United States of America”, acknowledging “The United States of America” is one proof of this continuance of existence.
  • Both entities, “The United States of America” and “United States of America” were known to exist prior to the entrance of “United States of America” into the Inter-American system during 1889.
  • It is proven that “United States of America” also known as “United States” is a private company established in 1787
  • It appears the OAS, the world’s “oldest regional organization” allowed a company, not a state, to become a member, which raises troubling questions relative to the OAS charter.
  • Why has OAS been allowing a private company to commit human rights violations against The United States of America when it claims to protect the Americas?

Unfortunately, there is much more. Here is the full investigative REPORT.

There will be more information as this case proceeds. Spread the word and share the report, as this information effects all of you equally.