Cancellatura of Foreign Instruments Act


Summary: The Cancellatura of Foreign Instruments Act of 2013, renders any and all contracts with the UNITED STATES INC. and the CROWN or any trust that was created, null and void ab initio.

The Act is applicable to all Affirmed American Nationals, or, by letter of acceptance and acknowledgment, to an individual in accordance with Article X of the Bill of Rights and, if a foreign Nation or State ratifies The Cancellatura of Foreign Instruments Act of 2013, for the purpose of protecting its people, it shall qualify as a Treaty.

Grounds for this Act include:

  • corporate papers (birth certificate, etc.) are a felony conversion of the original identification of the individual. No power of attorney was ever issued by the individual for any corporation nor anyone else to convert the individual’s estate into anything.
  • the very existence of a foreigner on the soil of America, attempting to charge an American with any sort of accusation is evidence of Human Trafficking, a Human Rights violation. The American Bar Association’s Bar Treaty of 1947 cannot apply to any American, nor can any American be charged under it, without being trafficked to and within its foreign survey.
  • the American people are under siege from claiming their inheritance of citizenship and operating as a separate body politic from the United Nations

There is much more to this Act. Read the complete Act HERE